Karrishma Kar


Meet Karrishma Kar, a multi-talented artist who shines in the worlds of entertainment and content creation. 🎬🎥 As an actress and content creator, she weaves magic both on and off the screen, captivating audiences with her talent and creativity.

Karrishma is not just limited to the silver screen; she’s also involved in crafting compelling short films and adding flair to corporate events. Her ability to tell captivating stories through film is truly exceptional.

She’s always open to collaborations and business opportunities, making her a versatile partner for those seeking creative ventures. Karrishma Kar is a name to watch out for in the entertainment and content creation industry, where her passion and professionalism leave a lasting impression.

  • Karrishma Kar
  • Artist
  • 🎬 Actress l Content creator
  • 🎥I work for short film | corporate events